CPAI realiza Encontros de Arquitetura da Informaçãoícias&">


On August, 19th, CPAI resumes the traditional friday nights of debates and exchange of ideas on the Discussions about Architecture of Information events.

The Discussions have come foward from the past experience with the Architecture of Information Seminars, wich happened up until 2015. On the Discussions, Professors Mamede Lima-Marques, André Henrique de Siqueira e Gilberto Fernandes will introduce themes, problems, issues and challenges regarding the field of Archicteture of Information. The ideia is to promote the exchange of thoughts and experiences on the subject and its applications, may they be scientific, epistemological ou applied.

The Discussions will take place on CPAI, every friday beggining on August, 19th, from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. There is no charge and the attendance is free for anyone interested.

More informationg (in Portuguese) on CPAI’s Events Portal:

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