Estrutura Organizacional">

In order to fulfill its purposes, CPAI is structured as a matrix form of organization. Epistemology-based research is the converging point of the different operational structures.

The organization of the Centre into nuclei aims to more accurately direct efforts to well specified areas. A matrix form of organization ensures the interaction between areas and the sharing of CPAI’s competencies.

The structure is represented as follows:

Nucleus of Management

The Nucleus of Management encompasses the means and individuals responsible for the internal management activities and for projects executed by CPAI.

The Nucleus of Management is responsible for the planning and coordination of all activities carried out by CPAI, such as projects, financial management, human resources, search and evaluation of indexes, preparation of governance reports.

Nucleus for the Development of Applications

Projects for the partners and for those contracted by society, as well as the training activities in the field of technology related to Architecture of Information are developed at NDA.

This Nucleus’ extended profile enables it to function as a vehicle for the interaction between the Academy and Society.

Nucleus for Research in Architecture of Information

The Nucleus for Research in Architecture of Information is the unit in charge of the coordination of research projects on themes of scientific nature and related to fundaments of Architecture of Information or its areas of interest. This nucleus will maintain a training program of undergraduate and graduate degrees on Architecture of Information.

Nucleus of Innovation and Optimization

The Nucleus of Innovation and Optimization is a unit of fomentation and incubation of products focused in activities related to Architecture of Information. This nucleus’ main goal is to manufacture economic and social derivatives of research on Artificial Intelligence.

Nucleus of Partnerships

The Nucleus of Partnerships is responsible for ensuring the establishment and advancement of strategic partnerships for the development of CPAI’s various projects. Among other things, its activities are: raising funds for research; prospecting opportunities of partnerships with other research centers, including abroad; hiring suppliers and partners; and establishing contracts that aim the creation and spreading of the knowledge related to Architecture of Information.