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Mission Statement

To promote research, development and innovation in the field of Architecture of Information in an interdisciplinary manner, in order to provide sustainability solutions to society.


To be a leading edge and excellence centre in epistemology, science and praxis in Architecture of Information, consolidating the School of Brasília as a reference for the Information Society.


  • Ethics
  • Social responsibility – Social reciprocity (accountability)
  • Excellence

Declaration of Principles

  • CPAI´s essential vocation is to develop applied research in the search for innovation.
  • CPAI does not compete in the market; rather it seeks to provide solutions the market could not offer.
  • Innovation is not reached through the products but prototypes. The development of products is a market attribution. CPAI provides the prototypes and the Nucleus of Patnerships of CPAI, together with the Nucleus for Intellectual Property– NPI/UnB, join efforts with other partners to transfer technology and benefits from royalties for CPAI’s sustainaibility.
  • The provision of services offered by CPAI is always allied with innovation in various areas, some of which are: methodologies; application, tests and validation of models.
  • CPAI is not consisted of consultants whose line of work is the application of consecrated models; rather it is composed by researchers focused on innovation in the field of Architecture of Information.


Innovation in Architecture of Information in the field of Sustainable Society.