abnTeX2 – ABsurd Norms for TeX: o retorno




The objective of this product is to implement in LaTex the requisites of automatized formatting to academic works according to Brazilian Association of Technical Norms (ABNT), by using the most of LaTeX packages. Additions, modifications, customizations and new implementations shall be suggested to the projects of each package as a mean of simplifying the maintenance of abnTeX2.

The aim is to provide as a final product a model of academic work – for a thesis or a dissertation – that contain all the requirements that ABNT norms demand without the use of any additional packages but those available already on LaTeX.

The initiative is a second stage of the current project abnTeX and will differ from it by implementing ABNT models based on packages that were created and are available on LaTeX official distribution repositories. The customizations, mainly those related to quoting packages, shall be presented as a contribution to the original projects. The objective is to stimulate the visibility of the project as well as to simplify the evolution, the compatibility and the using of customizations.


2001 e 2002

The project abnTeX was begun with the aim to provide a set of macros for LaTeX to prepare academic work according to the rules of ABNT. The last stable version published in November, 3, 2004 by the former researchers is the version 0.8It.2, hosted in Código Livre (Free Code).


A non-stable versions was published to be tested, but was never developed.


Leandro Salvador made a plea on the fórum TeX-Br to ask volunteers to keep on working on the project. Nowadays, the project is hosted in Sourceforge, however, no new contribution was added since 2006. At the new address there are most recent discussions about the project from 2009. There is also a suggestion by Gerald Weber, one of the project’s creator: “I would suggest the replacement of Miguel Frasson’s class by the standard pack of LaTeX. There are packages that implement almost everything ABNT requires, it is just a matter of modifying the options. Therefore, it would be a lot easier to maintain and update the project in the long term.”

2011 e 2012

Gerald Weber’s suggestion is accepted and is the first step to the creation of a new project: abnTex2, which uses abnTeX basis that was already built. The new project is supposed to use as much as possible LaTeX native classes in order to implement the requirements of ABNT rules – which present new recent versions.

The rules (1) ABNT NBR 14724-2011: Information and documentation – Academic Works – Presentation and (2) ABNT NBR 6024-2012: Information and documentation – Progressive numbering of sections in a written text – Presentation; were updated in 2011 and 2012. Compared to former versions, the major change was the simplification of ABNT’s requirements for academic works formatting. The new versions of ABNT rules must be considered in this new free software project.

Free Software Project

As a free software project, it is expected to have associated volunteers working on the project.

First steps

The following initial activities must be fulfilled:

  • Search discussion forum about the evolution of abnTeX project;
  • Create a specific portal and/or use the present portal of abnTeX project to concentrate all the products of the project;
  • Research models of academic works in LaTeX that are available in university sites, especially those that do not use abnTeX package;
  • Study ABNT rules related to the topic in order to produce a document that comprises all nowadays requirements for academic works.
  • Identify potential packages for attending all identified requirements.

Click here to obtain more information about this initiative on the official repository.