PIPE – Plataforma Integrada de Planejamento e Gestão Estratégica



The platform will maintain information about strategic planning identified for the institution and allow create projects that attend the objectives and outlined goals. Currently is shared into following units:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Planning Standards
  • Project Management
  • Budgetary and financial execution
  • Budgetary and financial report
  • Security

Strategic Planning

This component will maintain the determinate strategy. The strategy it isn’t an isolated management process; it is one step of logic and continuum process that movement the entire organization since the statement, the mission, vision and high – level values until the executed work from the front line and support employees.

Everything starts with a strategy. The execution can´t occur until someone has something to execute. A poor strategy generates unsatisfactory results and failure executions; because of it is important to focus in a strong strategy.

There are factors that are primary to guarantee the success of the execution that was strategically defined, the module intent to assistant with:

Institutional Analysis

  • To declare Mission, Vision and Values is fundamental to guide the principles to be pursued in all planning process.
  • It is an easy process but the automation facilitates the necessary consultations that might be necessary.

Identify and register Legal Instruments

  • Identify laws, standards, guidelines and definition of new internal legislative instruments that are relevant to the planning process.

SWOT Analysis

  • On the basis of replies obtained through the made analysis, guided on aspects that were proposed in Primary Analysis are identified the current forces, weaknesses, threats and opportunities at the analysis moment.
  • The relationships between the Primary Analysis results will enable to achieve the grouped answers in topics that allow capitalize, improve, oversee and alleviate.

Prioritization and Rating

  • Through the utilization of resources from Relational Algebra, that can be realized in a non automated way, it is performed the grouping of the obtained answers in the Primary Analysis where was identified the current forces, weaknesses, threats and opportunities.
  • On the basis of obtained information is possible to identify where invest in innovation (capitalize), where is necessary a development (especially in the process optimization and human resources development), where to perform the balance between forces and external threaten having as objective maintain the stability, as well as the risks mitigation that will allow the organization survival.

Definition of Perspectives

  • Identify perspectives that will be used to implement the strategic planning analysis and preparation is only a proposal that can be modified according to specific necessities of each management.

Balanced Scorecard

  • BSC is by definition an instrument of translation of intangible assets in tangible results.

Strategic Mapping Preparation

  • The Key Objectives and Interrelationships records are the identification of a strategic objective and the dependence relationship with other objectives.
  • The operational of strategic objectives happens through inclusion with Tactical and Operational Module accomplishing reporting performances management, transforming the objectives that can be suppress in projects.
  • The assessment and performance control process has to occur through inclusion with specific component.

Planning Standards

  • Component responsible for the control of allocation of resources coming from budgetary issues between Budgetary Item Origins/Destinations (UO), maintenance and distribution of resources, of Strategic Objectives and your Goals that were generated from the Strategic Planning Component Mapping, maintenance of the projects that will assist the goals service and management of Internal Plans (PI). Its concepts are based on the Internal Development Plan of the University of Brasilia (UnB) and the Technical Budget Manual (MTO).

Goals linking with respective Strategic Areas

Allows the team of researchers links the goals that were defined to the respective Strategic Areas.

Budgetary Item and Destinations Maintenance

Allows realize the Budgetary Items maintenance and Destinations, and also link the Organizational Units that will receive resources.

Planning Preparation and Definition Period

Allows the costs centre define the time limit for the institutional scheduling preparation. Also allows the individual term release for each cost center that had requested access.

Institution Planning Consolidation

Allows the institution planning consolidation. The consolidation consists of the report introduction that contains the summation of all distributed researches for each unit.

Units Communication

Allows the release pattern to the responsible of the units about the changing occurred on the Institutional Planning

Work Project Maintenance

Allows realize the maintenance of the Work Projects and Assignments so a Organizational Unit can determine the available resources for each Organizational Unit; to link a goal to a Work Project; to end the planning; to refer the planning for confirmation; to confirm the planning for the Organizational Unit; to sign restrictions for the assignments; to realize a approval setting planning; to request an expenses permit; to archive the permit request and permit IP (Internal Planning)

Orders for Internal Planning Production

Allow to consult and generate the Internal Planning Orders that codes were already approved.

Institutional Development Presentation Plan

Allow to consult the Institutional Development Plan with the Objectives, Goals and Strategic Areas that will execute it.

List Organizational Units

Allows it’s consulting the existent Organizational Units and selecting one to maintain as principal.

Working Plan Maintenance Summary

Allows the maintenance of Summary work programs used for the value provided by the Union for distribution between the sources of the institution

Project Management

Management instrument that it doesn’t replicate what already exist.

Elaborate the schedule of projects and the elaboration functionality of Analytical Structure Project – ASP.

Project Creation

Allows the formalization of a new project creation; an appointment of the project manager and import; of information that were previously sent to the budget plan.


Development of a project plan and import of a project that were previously released information on the budget plan module.


Formalization of scope and no scope, providing area for upload EAPe performance chart generation to reflect progress.


Provide an area to upload Gantt schedule.


Importing information plan values for the Budget Plan Module project and detailing the costs linked to each delivery mapped to the project.


Features for development of Communication Plan


Features for risk matrix and risk trend chart.

Human Resources

Feature to elaborate the Matrix of Responsibilities and area for registration of training necessary for the development plan of the project.

Budgetary Accomplishment

Aims to develop an interface able to register in the integrated system of Financial Administration in the Federal Government – SIAFI all acts and/or facts in an agile and transparent accounting, based on budget and strategic planning, allowing the Manager to know, control and monitor the financial resources available.

Support the Manager in making decisions

The system will allow the Manager to know the application of resources through financial and budget execution once that will be registered in the Internal Plan Commitment, and their respective attributes, with the strategic planning and institutional information of the unit.

General Information

By incorporating the budget and financial information from the institutional and/or strategic planning unit, will be allowed to the Manager know the result of the application of resources and its impacts on the plan.

End the fill of SIAFI rework

Will allow users of Budget Execution and Financial System send the SIAFI acts and/or accounting facts automatically via systems integrations tools.

Budgetary and financial resources control and management

Will be able to control and manage the budget and financial resources since it is at this stage all the information contained in the plan May be consulted and analyzed, allowing, if necessary, timely adjustments in the plan and/or execution.

Bigger transparency and quickness

The manager is allowed to extract management reports of the acts and/or accounting in the light of the facts through the Plan, Internal plans and sub actions being possible the user running time consuming tasks in an automated manner.

Budgetary and Financial Report

Solution dedicated to analytical processing within the platform in order to provide the University of Brasilia access to data and information for planning and budgetary execution of organization.

OLAP (online analytical processing) solution which aims to provide users with data and financial information though software dedicated to building queries and dynamic reports on the databases of SIAFI – STA.

Flexible custom reports to support decision – making on planning and budgetary execution.

Embedded in the package of the solution is the construction of process designed to extract, transform and load data into the database designed to support the product. These processes referred to as J”obs ETL” are the great features of the solution adopted in view of the difficulties to extract data directly from SIAFI Government bases.

Level one Reports

Predefined report with layout and subject well delimited in order to provide users with quick access to ready information solution.

Level two Reports

Custom reports allowing the user to:

  • Filter by selection criteria
  • Choose the output fields
  • Choose a template for your report
  • To set the output format in XLS, PDF and WORD formats.

Level three Reports – OLAP queries

Dynamic queries on a cube multidimensional

Flexibility in building

Drag and Drop

In – memory processing

  • Access to all attributes and SIAFI data hierarchy
  • Dynamic Filters (selection)
  • Drill Down
  • Drill Trougth
  • The column x line rotation
  • Basic graphics (line, line, vertical and horizontal bars)
  • GeoMaps (using a plug-in)
  • Save queries
  • Advanced queries via MDX
  • Business metrics pre – processed
  • Performance indicators


Responsible System for authentication, authorization, access control and integration of users cadastral information based on the concept of authentication only. Centered on configuration levels access by creating profiles able to restrict or extend functionality by types of objects (buttons, menus, tabs), by type of action invoked (display, inclusion, exclusion or alteration), by nature or confidentiality of information, by the user or organizational unit.

Keep information about the systems

Persist (see, include, change and delete system) enabling the query system through search filters and inactivate a system.

Keep information about the systems modules

Keep module (query, include, change and delete module), enable the module through query search filters, activate and inactivate a module and inform the display order of the modules.

Keep information on the menus of modules

Keep the menu (query, include, change and delete menu), enable the menu consultation through searches filters, activate and inactivate a menu, adding submenus, group menus by type, add or remove functionality from a menu and inform the display order of the menus.

Keep information about the features available for menus

Maintain functionality (see, include, change and delete functionality), enable the query functionality through search filters, activate or inactivate a functionality and the reuse of functionality between systems.

Configure profile access

Maintain profile (see, include, change, and delete), enable the profile through query search filters, activate or inactivate a profile, detailing the data of a profile, the profile configuration access extends the features and types of objects (buttons, menus, tabs), allow the creation of a single “single user” (profile that access all of the functionality of the system) and report date the profile.

Maintain users’ information

Keep User (see, include, change and delete user), enabling the SFC is the user identifier key, allow grant/revoke one or more profile to the user, one or more Association administrative unit to the user profile, detailing the data from a profile, change the user’s personal data, activate, inactivate or block the user with a justification, user query through search filters and allow sending of email with the first information access when registration of a new user.

Computerized profile access request

Enable the access request for CPF and module, the choice of a profile by request, detailing the data from a profile requester inform your personal data when your first access request and notify by email that there is a request awaiting access authorization.

Allow computerized access profile

Enable the authorizer access system/access request awaiting authorization through the access address emailed, enable allow/authorize access request, return to the requester, by email, the result of analysis of the access requested (allowed or not allowed), enable the query requests through search filters and allow drill through data from a profile.

Create audit log

Audit log records all actions of insertion, modification, and deletion, and allows your query through search filters.

Allow access simulation with the other user login

Allow a user to connect to the system with the CPF of another user check for possible errors, only with read access.

Keep helping texts for menus

Enable a helping text for all menus and tabs and that any user with the proper profile, can edit it.

Enable password recovery

The user can recover your password at any time, being warned by e-mail advising on the level of security for password information.

Provide authentication service for all platform systems

Enable a single point of entry; you must authenticate only once to access all systems available according to the access profile. When authenticating, assign the profiles active and expired not associated with the user.

Show user settings

Visualization of profiles associated with the user.

Generate reports

Generate reports; allow the application of various filters to generate reports and export the data displayed for the format CSV (comma separated values)